miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2009

One story and different versions


I have chosen Cinderella written by The Grimm Brothers and Cinderella by Charles Perrault.
In both, I have found the number "three" that depicts Cinderella and her step-sisters.Besides, the Festival or party lasts "three" days.
The version by The Grimm Brothers has two step-sisters quite vile and black of hearts like their mother, as long as in The Charles Perrault´s version one of them seems to be not so rude and uncivil with Cinderella. An important difference between these versions is that who helps Cinderella to go to the Festival or the party is her God-mother in one version and "a white bird" that appears near her mother´s grave in the other. Having wept on the grave, Cinderella sees her wishes come true, while in the other version, she has to follow her God-mother´s instructions.
In Cinderella written by The Grimm Brothers, Cinderella´s father takes his fatherly role in the story, while that in the other version, he is mentioned but his figure does not care in the tale. The languague is different,too. The Grimm´s version is the oldest because of these words such as thee, thou, thrice, art, hast,wouldst.
One of the characteristics in fairy tales is "justice". Grimm´s version is cruel enough because the two step-sisters are hurt in their eyes by birds. In the other, the two step-sisters are forgiven by Cinderella because of their regret. At the end of the tale, pigeons help the prince to realize who the true princess is. In Perrault´s version, God-mother helps Cinderella to show who she is indeed.

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